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Aurélie Guetz

Children’s Book Illustrator, Cartoonist & Author for an editor spezialised in french-german Children Books in Austria (since 2017)

Mindful Trainer for children in Germany & France (since 2015)

French Teacher in the Primary & Secondary School in Germany (since 2018)

Bilingual Primary School Teacher in France (2007-2018)

Freanch Teacher in a Primary Montessori School in Germany (2008-2009)

« France Mobil » Foreign Language Assistent for the French Ambassy in Germany with a « Robert Bosch Stiftung » Scholarship (2005-2006)

Assistent French Teacher in the Secondary School in Germany (2003-2005)

(=^・^=) French-german mindful & compassionate cartonist & children’s book illustrator based in Freiburg, Germany.
(=^・^=) « Hanami » is a metapher for my life philosophy. My illustrations nuture my inner child perhaps also yours… 😉
(=^・^=) Once or twice a month I actualise the different articles of this blog with new pictures. (last actualisation: 27/01/19)
(=^・^=) I get the most inspiration by spending time with my cat Myrtille, by doing yoga, swimming, cycling, hikking in the Black Forest and by drinking coffee in my favourite locations here in Freiburg.

(=^・^=) In April 2018 I published my first french-german comic-strip for an austrian publisher called « Bernest »:

My french-german comic is called « Kazh’s Adventures : My french-german family ». I did the text, the illustration and the translation in french and german. You can find this comic in a lot of bookstores in France, Germany, Austria and also on online shops.

(=^・^=) Please feel free to contact me for any illustration project, children’s book Illustration etc…


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